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Food Service Products from ASC Seafood, Inc.


ASC Seafood, Inc. has always been a high quality, consistant, presence in the food service industry.  With 15 years under our belt we have learned what it takes to deliver a quality product at a reasonable price.  ASC has always sourced the finest seafood products, combined with innovation and creativity, to bring our customers new ideas in the highly competitive seafood industry.  Marinated products, unique breaded items and our mainstay of fresh frozen fish fillets make for a well rounded selections of seafood items.  We specialize in Grouper and Snapper.  All our grouper is tested at AFT Lab and sure to be true grouper.  Our Snapper is Brazilian Red Snapper and can be called Red Snapper on the menu.

Marinated Grill Selections

ASC Seafood's  Marinated Grill Selections are made with the finest products, high quality fish, fresh marinade ingredients, to insure a satisfying seafood experience for our consumers.  Care at every step is taken to procure the finest raw materials.  Our marinades were designed by our award winning chef and are prepared according to his strict guidelines from the freshest of ingredients.  These great products are available in 10 lb. cases.  Affordably priced and sourced with care these items have been a constant on restaurant menus for years.  We are always trying to come up with new and exciting flavors for our customers to try, keep a look out for the newest flavors and combinations.


Select Seafood Portions


Fresh frozen fish fillets, Grouper, Snapper, Catfish, Salmon, Tuna, Mahi-Mahi, Swordfish, and a wide variety of other species have been our stock in trade for many years and we have learned how to source the best.  Portion control, cut to exacting specifications our cutters are the best to be had.  There are other suppliers who may be less expensive, but there are none who deliver more consistant, true to spec products than ASC Seafood, Inc.


Seafood Platters


ASC Seafood has come up with new and exciting breaded items that make placing a seafood platter on the menu, "a no brainer".  High quality, top of the line product, all in one portion bag, with equal cooking times and DONE, a seafood platter that is quick, simple and easy to prepare.  4 minutes at 350 and you are done!! What could be easier.


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