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With the ever increasing complexity of global business and the wide variations in customs languages and belief systems it is ever more important to find suppliers that you can rely on. Our customers look for consistent quality, supply and the ability to rely on the fact that they are getting what they buy.  "We want our grouper to be grouper".  ASC Seafood, Inc. has set out to become the leader in verified, tested grouper.  We have brought more species and varieties of grouper from around the world than anyone.  We send these fish to the Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida taxonomy department to identify and catalogue the species.  Our lab then creates a standard protein and DNA gel of that fish to later be compared to samples randomly taken from the production we receive from our vendors.  Each lot we receive we pull a random sample and test against the known standards to insure our suppliers are selling us what we order, this is the only way our customers can be assured the product they receive is the right product.  Many people are claiming to test their products and do submit original samples for species identification, but do not be fooled, unless they do random lot testing the identification is really meaningless.  All that you can prove from the original sample is that a particular fish is in fact grouper.  The only way you can be sure your fillets are grouper is to test them against those known standards.

ASC Seafood, Inc is committed to be the leader in quality in respect to species identification and insuring that our net weights are always correct.  Our testing is accomplished by Applied Food Technologies using approved methods by the USFDA.  All our testing procedures have been reviewed and approved by FDA.  Each shipment we receive is subjected to random lot testing.  The lot number that appears on the box is matched to the shipment and the test results.    In addition to this we repack each box of product and verify the grading and the net weights are always accurate and reliable.  Our plant is under the voluntary government inspection program operated by the USDC under NOAA.

Reliable suppliers and careful watchfulness combine to make our program thorough and as complete as we can be.  We have producers in China, Mexico, Brazil and Nicaragua that have shipped us product that has passed all our testing and performed better than our competition in the marketplace.

The real test of our program comes in increasing your sales and your customers satisfaction.  Our grouper program will do that.













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