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Marinated Grill Selections

One Pound Bags

Marinated Grill Selections are great on the grill, in the oven or even microwave.  Convenient, affordable, and great tasting, these products offer the consumer a seafood item that is sure to satisfy.  Developed by a gourmet chef, and prepared the way he specified, these seafood portions are a gourmet treat made easy.  We make these marinades the way a chef would prepare them in a kitchen, fresh herbs, wine and seasonings.  They are then applied to high quality seafood portions and you get a winning combination.  Easy to prepare and great tasting, we believe these are the ingredients for a first rate seafood progrom.


Salmon Items:
All of our marinades are available with Atlantic Farm Raised Chilean Salmon or Wild Caught Alaskan Chum or Coho Salmon.  Our Chilean salmon is #1 the best grade of product available from Chile.  Our portions are skin/on or skinless.  For our wild caught salmon, we try to source once frozen high quality Chum or Coho Salmon, caught in the icy waters of Alaska.  All of our marinated salmon products perform at the highest level of quality and are hardly discernable from fresh.
Dijon Dill Salmon
Dijon mustard and dill combine to create the perfect salmon flavor profile, on of everyone's favorites.
Mahi-Mahi items:
We source our Mahi from the finest plants in Peru and Panama, long standing relationships insure that we get a consistently high quality of raw material to start with.  Each year is different and some years it is difficult to source skinless mahi, this past year was like that and we have been offering primarily skin/on product.  Whatever your spec might be we will be happy to meet your needs!
Hawaiian Mahi-Mahi
Our Hawaiian Mahi-Mahi is a unique blend of spices and not at all what you would think of when you hear the word Hawaiian.  Instead our chef has chosen to be bold and different with this marinade and create an exciting blend of flavor that celebrates the heritage that is Hawaii.  With Chinese Five Spice and peppers this flovor is very distinct and unique, and packed with flavor!

Tuna items:
Our tuna items are made with a first quality yellowfin tuna from Micronesia.  We have found that tuna from this area has been the most consistent and high quality tuna that we have had.  We also use Albacore Tuna when our customers indicate, our experience is that it can be drier and trickier to cook.  We have been told many times that our products are more consistent than our competitors and we will strive to keep that image up.  When Micronesian tuna is unavailable we use tuna from Singapore and always from one of two plants that we have had a decade of experience with.
Southwest Tuna
Our # 1 food service marinade this combination of southwest spice and tuna give a product that tastes more like meat than fish, perfect for those who are not sure how much they like fish.  This meaty fish and smoky fajita flavors is a favorite with all our customers. 

Our one pound bags are available in these three great flavors and are packed in 12 Lb. boxes.  These portions include both the fish and marinade.  They come frozen and all you have to do is thaw and cook them as you would an ordinary seafood portion.  All our marinades are made with the finest ingredients and prepared just like a chef would in the kitchen.  Each bag is labeled with Cooking Instructions, UPC Code and Nutritional Information.

We are always working on new marinades and combinations, if there is a particular item you wish to try with a particular marinade please let us know.  You may also have a recipe that you would like us to make and put on the fish for you, we do make proprietary items for specific customers as well.

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