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Individually labeled Plain Selections

Individually labeled plain portions are also available under the Gulfmaid Brand name and have the same great quality and attention to detail that our marinated portions do, but are available plain for those who want to flavor their own seafood or just prefer it plain.    High quality product, labeled individually allow the consumer great taste, flexibility and affordability.  They can purchase just what they need and can have the variety too.  When you combine these great tasting products with creative merchandising, you will have a new approach to seafood that is sure to be a winner!

The concept of marketing a single portion pack appeared in a Supermarket News story in April, 2004.  This link will let you view that story: Supermarket News Story.pdf


Atalntic Farm raised Salmon   

Raised in the cold waters of Chile, this salmon is full of flavor and Omega 3. 

Wild Caught Chum & Coho Salmon 
From the cold waters of Alaska our once frozen Chum and Coho fillets are a great value.

Sashimi grade and cut to specs, our frozen swordfish will meet the demanding pallet.

A favorite meaty white flesh and lots of flavor our Mahi is great!

Yellowfin Tuna
Our # 1 food service item we cut our portions to order and the weight is correct.  Our customers demand workmanship and we deliver.  Weather Treated or not our tuna quality has always been dependable.



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