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Retail Products from ASC Seafood, Inc.

ASC Seafood, Inc. markets it's retail products under the Gulfmaid brand name.  Through careful attention to detail and uncompromising quality, we here at ASC are trying to develop a brand that will mean quality and reliability to the consumer.  For a very long time price has been the driving force behind retail frozen seafood.  The consumer is now looking for quality they can depend on, ease of preparation, value, and reliability in their seafood source.  ASC Seafood has met that need with the Marinated and plain products we sell under the Gulfmaid name.

Marinated Seafood Selections

Gulfmaid Marinated Seafood Selections are made with the finest products, high quality fish, fresh marinade ingredients, to insure a satisfying seafood experience for our consumers.  Care at every step is taken to procure the finest raw materials.  Our marinades were designed by our award winning chef and are prepared according to his strict guidelines from the freshest of ingredients.  These great products are available in individually labeled portions and one pound bags. 

Plain Individually Labeled Portions

Gulfmaid Plain Individual Seafood Selections are packaged with the highest quality fish we can source.  Value is a ratio between price and quality, many of our competitors will sacrifice too much quality for price, we at ASC feel we have reached the right balance and our customers get a great eating product at a reasonable price.  It doesn't do anyone any good to sell a product only once to a customer, we have built our business on long term relationships and hope to build our retail business through long term relationships with our customers and their consumers.  The availability of individually labeled exact weight portions allows flexibility on the part of our consumer.  If one member of a family wants marinated seafood portions and another prefers plain, offering both allows them to choose what they prefer and they can come to rely on the Gulfmaid promise of quality. Something for everyone and consistent quality throughout the program, that is our goal in our individually labeled product.

Marinated Seafood Selections in

One Pound Retail Bags

Gulfmaid Marinated Grill selections are also available in one pound bags.  These are packed with two portions in each bag and on the back are nutritional info, UPC Code, Cooking instructions and ingredients statements.  There are three items currently available in one pound bags, Hawaiian Mahi-Mahi, Dijon Dill Salmon and Southwest Tuna.  They are all made in the same painstaking way we make our individual marinated seafood selections and with the same high quality fish and marinades.



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