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Marinated Grill Selections


Marinated Seafood Selections are great on the grill, in the oven or even microwave.  Convenient, affordable, and great tasting, these products offer a meal solution that is sure to help ease customers seafood preparation fears.  Developed by a gourmet chef, and prepared the way he specified, these seafood portions are a gourmet treat made easy.  When you combine these great tasting products with creative merchandising, you will have a new approach to seafood that is sure to be a winner!


The concept of marketing a single portion pack appeared in a Supermarket News story in April, 2004.  This link will let you view that story: Supermarket News Story.pdf


Mesquite Salmon   

Spicy, smoky flavor quite unique and flavorful.

Dijon Dill Salmon
Dijon mustard and dill combine to create the perfect salmon flavor profile, on of everyone's favorites.

Lime Garlic Swordfish
Swordfish lovers love this combination of flavors that enhance, not mask the flavor of swordfish.

Thai Teriyaki Mahi-Mahi
A new approach to the old favorite, our teriyaki is alive with flavor and full of surprises.

Southwest Tuna
Our # 1 food service marinade this combination of southwest spice and tuna give a product that taste more like meat than fish, perfect for those who are not sure how much they like fish, but know it is healthy.



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