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Over the years our customers have come to rely on ASC Seafood, Inc. to package a variety of products in a variety of packaging styles.   The one thing they have always known is that they can rely on ASC  for honesty and integrity above all.  We have always believed and always conducted ourselves on the premise that, when we are packing a private label, our customers name is on that product and they should be in control of what goes into that product.  In other words, when ASC packs your private label you know what product is being used and if there are any changes, you made them!

Custom Retail Packaging

ASC Seafood, Inc. has always been packing products for other companies under private labels and their specifications.  In some instances the customer supplies the product, packaging and labels and we supply the labor.  In other instances the customer provides the product and we supply everything else.  In some cases we source the product and do the whole job for the customer.

Food Service Packaging

The same care and concern for the customers name and reputation carry over into the food service sector of our business.  The name on the label should always control the product in the package.  Our customers have relied on us for years to brand products with integrity and reliability.

Home Delivery

Whether your are after the price market or the gourmet market, ASC will provide the consistency you need to grow your business and have repeat sales to your customers.  Long a leader in this industry, ASC has been custom packaging for delivery direct to peoples homes for over a decade.   ASC has maintained a position as a leader in quality and integrity.  Financially strong and committed to quality.

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